In currency setup required the option to capture World currency symbols and in the symbol field restriction of character should be increase to 3.

Client-Plb Global Foods & Beverages Limited has operations in Ghana. When we enter Ghana currency symbol - GH₵ in the symbol field of currency setup , it is not captured. Issue first restriction in symbol field maximum 2 characters can be entered but Ghana currency symbol is of 3 characters. Second - (₵) when entering this on saving the currency sign changes. So I suggest to have provision to accept the world currency symbol and character restriction on symbol to b increase.

  • ashish jha
  • Jun 15 2024
  • Likely to implement
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    19 Jun 10:49am

    Hello Ashish,

    Regarding the requirements mentioned in the ideas,

    1. Maximum 2 characters allowed for currency symbol: We already have multiple ideas for the same requirement, same are merged into this idea.

    2. While saving the currency, sign changes: We checked in the system and haven't found such instances, it may be one-time issue at your end due to some glitch. If you still feel that we have missed on something, kindly let us know in the portal comments within 3 business days.

    -Raj Choudhary | BA

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