Send SMS to Customer - Debit Note (Payment Pending)

Customer is Buying but not paying any amount or part payment is done

Debit Note is issued



Customer Name : XYZ

Bill No. XY-123-2018 Date: 25-06-2018 Amount: Rs. 15,000/-

Debit Note issued



SMS send on every monday(or any day of week)

SMS send to that customer - Bill Amount is Pending

SMS is Send till the Amount is not fully paid

  • Piyush Visapara
  • Jun 25 2018
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  • Guest commented
    10 Aug, 2018 09:37am

    dont ginesys think that there must be an answer delivered publically on the issue raised in the comment

    by mr. piyush

  • Piyush Visapara commented
    26 Jun, 2018 06:08am

    Your Helpdesk/Technical Support Person told me that  - this is not possible  

    sending here with replay of my ticket from your  support


    Replay from your support : 


    Greetings from Ginesys Care.

    We are closing this ticket as per support policy.

    The issue reported by you, through 15075 - SENDING SMS TO THE CUSTOMER, is not available in Ginesys as per current functionalities. We request you to log an idea at our idea portal :

    All community reported ideas go through a voting system as well as internal assessment. If your idea is taken up for development, you will be informed by the Product Management team accordingly.


    Ticket URL:

    Happy to assist you.


    Ginesys Care:
    Phone: +91 0124 4754500
    On Mon, 25 Jun at 1:31 PM , Ginesys Care <> wrote:

    Greetings from Ginesys Care.

    A Ginesys Care agent has invited you to join a remote support session.

    Click the link below to join:
    Join Support Session

    Thank you

    Ticket URL:

    Happy to assist you.


    Ginesys Care:
    Phone: +91 0124 4754500
    On Mon, 25 Jun at 12:42 PM , Chirag Mendapara <> wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    We want to send SMS to Customer on Every Monday(automatically send SMS)

    Whom Debit Bill is Issued and Their Payment is Pending

    Message is Send on Every Monday - Till the Payment is Not Cleared

    Please Guide me for the above matter how can I implement

    If any question please call back to me/mail me

    Thanks & Regards

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    26 Jun, 2018 05:47am

    We already have an SMS event called "Outstanding Reminder", please implement the same.

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