Salesman Incentive Module

I would like to suggest to please customise Salesman Incentive Module so that we could use that in a creative manner. Let's take an example ----


MR. A & MR. B are both salesman for Men Division and the monthly target for both is Rs 10 Lac.


1st Case : -- 


At the end of the month Mr. A completed 70 % of the target but Mr. B completed only 35% of the target. Now as per company policy Only that salesman is liable for the Incentive who completes more than 60% of the target So Only Mr A will get the incentive. But in the current structure no such functionality is available. Currently We can assign some fix percentage or fix amount of the total sale to calculate incentive.



2nd case --- 

We want to calculate incentive in the following manner---

one who completes his target will get 5% of the incentive of his total sales.


one who completes 90 - 99 % of the target will get 3% of his total sales

One who completes 80-90 % will get 2 % of his total sales


One who completes 70- 80 5 will get rs 500 as fix amount for incentive


on who completes 60-70 % will get only Rs 200 as fix amount for incentive.


In the current structure we can't implement such calculation.


Hope you understand my question.


Think of yourself. 

Incentive in retail sector is not fix for anybody. It varies according to the target completion.

Please enhance the functionality of the Salesman Incentive Module  so that we could use it in a better way. 

Current functionality is useless and basic for the giant retail sector .

  • Amar Agnihotri
  • Dec 19 2017
  • Unlikely to Implement
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    26 Dec, 2017 06:24am

    It is good to know about your idea on Salesman Incentive module. However as per GINESYS roadmap there is no more further enhancement planned in this module. We plan to provide the basic working only, 'i'.e. tagging of Salesman in POS Bill and generating reporting on that. Along with that system is proving a basic assortment based computation at Bill Level to compute simple incentive.

    Beyond this it need to be Customised out of system through some 3rd Party Solution. From GINESYS offering point of view, we have separate Analytics Powered by Qlik which can be looked upon for such Customization. For more details you are requested to get in touch with your account manager.

    We are moving the Idea to Unlikely to Implement for the time being.

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