POS Inward & Billing Should happen at the same time.

Dear Team,


It will be beneficial for all  to have a option to put inward / outward process on hold and proceed with billing and then continue with inward / outward option.


Currently if we are inwarding / outwarding and at the same time if any customer comes to the store for billing we will have to either ask customer to wait or will have to discontinue that is cancel the inward / outward, proceed with billing and then redo inward / outward from begining. this is very hectic hence think over to introduce such functionality where we can hold the inward / outward process for a while and then contineue with the same. If required put mandate at settlement to not keep any thing pending.




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  • Jul 22 2016
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    Product Team commented
    8 Dec, 2017 09:44am

    Single till POS operation provided option to complete one transaction and thereafter do the other. We are planning to introduce a Browse Barcode option in POS GRC Screen where user can input a text file to import the scanned barcode information in excel. Hope this will solve your operational problem.

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