recently my ho server hard disk crashed.

i was so surprized to get answer that my database backup is of no use

as web database and store database has been updated with new data after backup.


pls creation a action plan when ho database crash and u need to recover database from store and web database

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  • Jul 5 2016
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    8 May, 2017 07:15pm

    Dear Product Team,

    Our Servers are scheduled 24 x 7 Data Crash will not allow us to maintain your the EXPORT DMP stopping data sync.

    In such cases our standard data-backup from the software helps only for the planned recovery not for the sudden disaster caused by the system defaults.

    Can there be a differential backup like introduced in the store scenario to match the data sync every time the data is synced it will take a differential backup pre & post data sync.

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    23 Oct, 2016 07:19am

    i have received reply from your staff that dmp data backup is invalid even after backup it can't be restore as web database backup facility is not available in ginesys.


    senarior is 

    1 have save ginesys backup on 13th sep 2016 10 am morning

    2. at 13 sep tember  9pm night my server cracher and oracle data is lost

    or theft take place and my server has gone with them

    3. now i have backup dmp file of 13 sep 10am 


    now your person say they cannot restore the data to 13th sep 10am

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    Product Team commented
    22 Oct, 2016 01:57pm

    The Strategy on how to implement the HO backup depends upon the organisation policy and needs considering the sensitivity of the business volume or the data loss that be acceptable. With this there is associated cost to implementing a proper backup solution which may require Oracle Enterprize edition with Data Guard license other than separate hardware and implementation cost. 

    Thus you are requested to contact a specialised vendor who can taken up the assignment and implement the solution.

    So far as GINESYS is concerned the given Export based DMP backup is the standard solution. User has to stop the data sync and take this backup, thereafter no further transaction should be done after that. Beside this keep / copy this backup in multiple locations  after verifying the logs.

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