Need Get Benefit option in Memo Level Promotion

Please go through the Brand promotion which is not configurable in GINESYS:

Promo 1 : Off Rs 500 on Levis denim

Buy Pool: Cat1                     Cat2
                LEVIS                   DENIM
                LEVIS C                Denim
                LEVIS Signature   Denim
Excluding: DIV
Benefit: Flat discount Rs 500 off on RSP


Promo 2: Shop for Rs 4499 (Net Amount) and get bag free (it includes the items which will get resolve in Promo 1)

           Buy Pool: Div      Cat1
                           Men         LEVIS
                            MEN       LEVIS C
                            Men        LEVIS SIGNATURE

Benefit: Buy bag freeI=(Item defined)


There is general promotion running on LEVIS brand, now there is one additional promotion running on LEVIS brand that if the Billed value is more than Rs. 5000 then Customer can Get any LEVIS T-SHIRT at Rs. 999/- each. The Bill value of Rs. 5000 can be considered as RSP or NETAMT depending upon the configuration.

Currently when we are applying it gives us message as BENEFIT MISSING.

What we require to have Get Item benefit in Memo Level promotion which will suffice to resolve this promotion. With Multi Item Level promotion resolution logic one Item will finally fall under one promotion only.

  • Ritu Singh (SRS)
  • May 23 2016
  • Released
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