Profile based option is required Logistic Module to tag any Sales Invoice irrespective of any Transporter

At present software checks the Transporter tagged in Sales Invoice to allow its tagging in Logistic Module against that Transporter. However in practical cases there are scenarios where Transporter is gets changed as per last minute availability. Now in case to resolve it user has to update the transporter in SO , DC & Invoice and then they are allowed to update the same in Sales Invoice. Beside this if the Invoice is posted then revert / modification rights is to be given to update the transporter which is a security threat.

Thus instead of  this there should be a profile option to allow user to tag any Sales Invoice for the selected Customer irrespective of what Transporter is selected in the Invoice document.

In this the transporter allowed for selection should be of same City / State of Customer or there should be separate allocation against City Master where we can map the Transporters in that Sate / City. This is same for incoming Logistic entry.

  • Avinesh Kumar (Tejoo)
  • Apr 16 2016
  • Likely to implement
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