Auto Email Configuration Issues

Based on the implementation experiences at various clients the following are the noted issued with Auto Email configuration:
  1. Master data mapping (Vendor / Customer) to Email Service Type is missing. Thus it is not possible to configure and specify that a particular service related Auto Email is required to be send to which Vendor / Customer. Like support 1 vendor will get email for 2 services (PO / Payment Advice) whereas another Vendor will only receive Payment advice email.
  2. TO, CC, BCC of the Vendor / Customer mapping as per Service type mapping. Thus allowing client to send their specific email to a particular department. For example, inventory related email will go to Warehouse manager, Payment release intimation email will go to account department or the MD / CEO
  3. Header / Footer concept for Document report type services, due to this all the reports are being Customized for Customers
  4. Logo should pick from the default Image folder
  5. The sender email configuration should again service type wise as further communication reply should be received by that department only. Suppose MIS information like Daily Sales report to internal management will be send from IT email id whereas Payment / Outstanding email id would be send from accounts id. Thus in case client replied to a email it will directly get delivered to the common or given email id.
  6. Output format flexibility in excel or pdf format. 
  7. Email triggers will fire based on conditions like , Auto Email will be done for a specific Document series or Vendor Class
  8. Auto Email report development directly based on database tables or views
  • Harsh Nahata
  • Apr 13 2016
  • Likely to implement
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