Loyalty Benefits on GV Redeemption

Dear Team,


We have three types of GV's, named Gift Cards, Gift Promotional Vouchers, Gift Vouchers.


The basic difference of these are as follows:


Gift Cards - Available in stores for Sale

Gift Promotional Vouchers - These vouchers are given to the customers under certain promotions. like on the purchase of Rs. 6999 customer will get Rs.1000 Promotional Gift Voucher


Gift Voucher - These voucher usually distributed as barter exchange.


Hence we want to block the loyalty points on redeemption of  the Gift Promotional Vouchers & Gift Vouchers.




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  • Mar 22 2016
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    Product Team commented
    25 Mar, 2016 07:36am

    Thanks for posting your Idea.

    If you implement Promotional Gift Voucher through Easyrewardz coupon then it could be easily redeemed as a Bill Discount then point would be earned on Net Bill Amount. But in case of Gift Voucher (Barter Exchange) it has to be redeemed through MOP only, because it was distributed in exchange of something, so fair practice would be to allow point earning.

    In GINESYS, if any thing redeemed as MOP then point earning will not impact and customer will earn point on full bill value.

    So we are unable to process your idea further.

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