Negative Point of Customer on Return Transactions

We want the system to revert the points accrued for returned items. Easyrewardz have this solution in use on our LPaaS Panel solution for Point Rollback for such cases Also, for this to be integrated within the system please we are requested to raise a ticket with GSL with the requirement asap.

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  • Feb 21 2016
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    12 Feb, 2018 09:35am

    What if we sale an Item in Promotion then it is getting negative discount with Return mapped to Cash Memo, it certainly like if we purchase with discount (any type of discount) it will be returned with the discounted value.

    I do not understand if I have purchased an Item of MRP 100 @ 85 (due to Loyalty redemption) why will I get the Return Value @ 100 it should be 85 only.


    We need an authenticated method of reversing Loyalty redemption in case customer returns.

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    Product Team commented
    27 Oct, 2016 07:22am

    Architecturally with Discount Mode of Loyalty redemption this cannot be mapped. If this would had been a MOP based redemption & Customer is tagged in the Return Bill the negative earning can be managed. Requested to revisit the strategy and implement the same. From GINESYS architecture this is not possible. 

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    17 Mar, 2016 07:15pm

    Refunding Point is a manual process, A brand executing 100 Stores cannot let this option open to Store Managers leading mistakes.

    We require an automated solution which will integrate the Return and Sale automatically.

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    Product Team commented
    2 Mar, 2016 09:02am

    The current implementation of ER integration in Ginesys POS doesn’t do any action in customer’s points when issuing a credit note. However, when paying through a credit note, a Brand can setup a policy to not issue points for the amount paid through credit note. On the ER LPaaS store panel, a brand can refund points for items returned against a bill, by submitting mobile no, bill id & amount (net payable amount of the item being returned).

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