Manual Inclusion of Promotional Item upto value Limit

Need option to view a list of promotional items to be available to cashier for manual inclusion of those items in bills limited by value. This type of benefit need to be resolved in Promotion.

for example : 

Bill Level - Value Based Slab wise Promotion

Buy Any Product worth Rs. 100 to 500 get product from "Free assortment" worth Rs. 25 

Buy Any Product worth Rs. 501 to 1000 get product from "Free assortment" worth Rs. 50

On Promo resolution, if Buy condition satisfied for First Slab then list of Items from "Free Assortment" will come, now cashier can select item from the list as per customer's choice upto total Promo Value <= Rs. 25

"Free Assortment" could have multiple items of multiple Promo Price. Need to show only those items in list, where Promo value <= Slab wise Value Limit. So if 'XYZ' item has Promo Price = Rs 50, then in above case it will not come in the list, but if 2nd slab get satisfied then 'XYZ' item will come in the list.

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  • Jan 20 2016
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