Need to extract data from POS of Manual Allocation from Ginesys HO

To facilitate easy management of allocated and pending items in Ginesys POS, a user-friendly interface can be designed with comprehensive features. This interface should prominently display an overview dashboard showcasing total allocated and pending items. Users should be able to filter items based on criteria like date range, category, location, and status to streamline their search. The item list should provide essential details such as item name/code, allocated quantity, pending quantity, total quantity, location, and last update timestamp. Additionally, clear indicators of total allocated and pending items based on selected filters should be provided. Action buttons for refreshing data and exporting lists for further analysis should be readily accessible. This comprehensive approach will empower users to efficiently manage inventory allocations and make informed decisions within Ginesys POS

  • Vishal Roundhal
  • Jun 4 2024
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