Brand-Specific Bill-Level Promotion: Get Flat 1000 Off on Bills Over 4999 with atleast One Brand Item

BA's Observation and comment:

Promotion requirement:

  • Buy assortment required at least one of the particular item to be included in the cart to avail the discount

  • Promotion would be applied once the threshold is crossed (Rs.4999/- in this case)

  • The discount is Flat discount on Bill and not on item (Rs.1000/- in this case)

What we currently have:

  • Only Value based slab benefit in Bill level promotion

  • where you can not specify min qty inclusion in buy pool (like in item level ratio)

  • this can not get solved from item level ratio assortment, because there we don't have option to set the threshold

  • Product Team
  • Apr 15 2024
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