Category Merging

Dear Team,

While doing merging of categories, when we click merge option it should display a pop up their it is showing showing only one column name as Category Name, need to display Item count and extinct columns also, if this will be available in merging categories it is easy to merge Zero count item categories and extinct categories easily,

For ex: we want to merge extinct categories we will filter using the column name of Extinct then it will display only extinct categories only we will merge it in to single category. and also we have Zero count items in some categories also we are unable to merge those Zero count items, if this column name is added in the merge screen will filter Zero count item then will merge.

Please look in this issue and do the need full as soon as possible.


Mohd Azas


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  • Apr 15 2024
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    Product Team commented
    21 Apr 11:07am

    Hi Mr.Azas,

    As discussed since you're on leave and unable to connect to the system, let's connect on Monday, April 22, 2024. That way, you can show me the scenario you've been discussing, and we can better understand the business need. Please connect with me during the first half of the day on April 22, 2024.



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