Pending 11.100 series License Changes

  1. Pending Functional Points:
    • Implementation of License in Planning
    • Implementation of License in Loyalty
    • Finishing the document (FR) on the changes done so that we can refer to it easily later on.
    • De-activation of license using License Generator and auto refresh in client's HO.
    • Currently License check is implemented (if required for additional modules or change of menu, do inform):
      • Only on SAVE
      • Only in the following modules -




        All modules

        Following modules:

        • Job Order
        • General voucher
        • AR Voucher
        • AP Voucher
        • Sales Invoice
        • Transfer Out
        • Delivery Challan (Adhoc)
        • Delivery Challan (Against Order)
        • Goods Receive Challan (Adhoc)
        • Goods Receive Challan (Against Order)
        • Purchase Invoice
        • Service Invoice
        • Item Creation
        • Modify/Manage Item

        Following modules:

        • POS Bill
        • Collection Centre
        • GRC
        • GRT
        • Packet
        • PTC
        • GV
        • Dep Ref
        • Settlement


  2. Pending Technical issues:
    • Updating of information from client side should be in separate table. - DONE
    • It will be updated through SP. - DONE
    • Change the manager user to a read-only user for all other tables in GINESYS's web database.
    • DLLs needs to be encrypted. - DONE
    • Auto refresh of license information in store (without starting licensing service)
  3. Pending Usability issues:
    • Tooltip button is required for issued sites & users. Currently it is working on hover of label.
    • On loading of license manager, if Server name & port is NULL, update automatically. (both HO & Store)
    • At store, Install/uninstall service should be a part of manager and not database utility.
  4. Pending bugs:
    • Extinct value is not getting refreshed if allocation grid if already saved. - TAKEN in S13 (March)
    • Restrict allocation if CUID contains # of any Site.



  • Siddharth Bhojnagarwala
  • Jan 15 2016
  • Likely to implement
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