POS| GRT Pricelist : Set as Markdown on Standard/effective Rate

POS> Manage Replenishment Source>GRT Price list> Markdown on Effective/Standard Rate

Reference Ticket:

To set GRT Price list as 'Markdown on Effective/Standard Rate'.

Use Case:

Goods which get discoloured/torn/damaged at stores are sent back to to head office. (From head office it is sent to vendors for correction/remake etc). Since the goods are defective it is priced at less than the standard rate of the item. So the stores wants to send(GRT) all such items at such lowered price at 20 % (say) markdown on Std rate to the head office. So that stock valuation at the year end is correct.

Current behaviour:
At present, we have option to set GRT rate basis as 'Last received price/ As per Price List'. On setting GRT Rate as per price list, user needs to select the price list. However at present, price list which are markup/down on MRP/RSP could only be selected. Price list as markup/down on Effective rate/std cost do not appear in LOV (bcoz we do not store Std rate in psite_item table of POS), because currently we do not send any rate except MRP/RSP at POS level.

Workaround Solution:
Price List as a % on MRP/RSP could be calculated and set in the system.
For example, if the MRP/RSP is Rs. 1000 and the standard rate is Rs. 600, and you need a 20% markdown on the standard rate (600 - 20% of 600 = Rs. 480), then set the price list with a 52% markdown on the MRP.

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  • Mar 11 2024
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