Restrict Lower RSP/ MRP from Standard Rate in Price Control

Reference Ticket: 316413

Module: POS Management --> Setup --> Configure --> Price Control


The Price Control feature serves two primary purposes:

  1. For brands operating in industries like FMCG, where item prices fluctuate frequently, it allows for the management of multiple selling prices for the same product within the same POS store.

  2. It enables brands with multiple POS stores to sell the same product at varying price points from different POS stores.

The case mentioned here persists to the 2nd purpose.

Problem Statement:

Under Price Control, often, users set the RSP/MRP below the Standard Rate (Cost Price) of the item by mistake, leading to potential losses for the business when the product is sold through the POS store at the lower RSP


  • Brand captures the cost price as Standard Rate of the item.

  • Brand uses Data Import for defining "Price Control".

  • Presently, there is no restriction while defining RSP/MRP in price control i.e. RSP/MRP can be set even lower than the standard rate (cost price) of the item.

  • This restriction is not present in UI (Front end) and Data Import functionality as well.

  • Due to this, products are being sold at POS Stores at a price even lower than the cost price of the product, resulting in losses for the business.

  • Requirement of the brand seems valid to cater the second purpose as mentioned in the 'Background' section, but imposing this restriction straight away will hamper the first purpose of Price Control as mentioned in the 'Background' section.
    For mode details, please visit the reference ticket and see BA comments.

  • If we decide to implement this, we would have to introduce this at profile/OU level so that both cases could be catered.

  • Keeping in mind the above points, marking this idea as "Likely to Implement" for now.

-Raj Choudhary | BA

  • Product Team
  • Feb 28 2024
  • Likely to implement
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