Need to develop Manage Replenishment Source


Ginesys HO --> POS Management --> Setup --> Site --> Select a Site --> Action --> Manage Replenishment Source

There are two (2) types of Managed Sites : MS-OO-CM (Consignment) & MS-CO-OM-TS (Outright)

  • Regarding MS-OO-CM (Consignment) :- Transections between the Sites and Warehouse (HO) is being in Cost Rate because it is Company Owned Store.

  • Regarding MS-CO-OM-TS (Outright) :- Transections between the Sites and Warehouse (HO) is being with some of percentage / Margin through Term or Price List because it is Customer Owned Store.

Problem Statement:

Currently we can transfer goods between MS-OO-CM (Consignment) which is Company Owned Store but we can't transfer the goods from MS-OO-CM (Consignment) to MS-CO-OM-TS (Outright) which is taking long time, long effort, long documentation, Long expense physically and systematically.


Transfer or Transection of goods from MS-OO-CM (Consignment) to MS-CO-OM-TS (Outright) is a very important and useful for retail organization which will minimize our Nine (9) Entries to (3) Entries so we will save our (6) Entries which we are doing unnecessary.

If we can make above mentioned transections through price list by assigning to the sites then we will not only save our numbers of documents even we will save our time and can do transections much faster than usual.

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  • Saurabh Gupta
  • Feb 27 2024
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    29 Feb 05:36am

    Hi Mr.Sourav,

    As discussed we will connect today at 3.30 pm for further discussion


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