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RE: Ticket: [#316254] - After the store settlement confirmation email received........... Merged

Our Requirement:

We need to push the “Settlement Confirmation” via email to our retail stores every day after the settlement sync on the server.

This action will happen within 5 to 7 minutes after the statement is received at the HO server.


Currently we have 260+ Lives stores and everyday morning we check and find approximately 15% of settlement data we have not received on the same day.

When we checked those stores, it's only 3 to 5 stores that did not do the settlement on the same day for any reason, but the remaining stores are successfully did this.

Purpose of this requirement:

We will inforce to the store person to wait for receive the confirmation email for, same-day statement with minimum time (5 to 7 Mins) after they will shut down the POS. it will happen in daily practice.


  • Same day we received complete sales data.

  • It helps us for replenishment planning.

  • Same-day sales posting in our ERP.

  • Crystal-clear management sales & stock reporting in every early morning.

Please look our request.

  • Campus Shoes
  • Feb 22 2024
  • Likely to implement
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