LOV for Batch/Serial no. required in "Print Barcode" and "Promotions Assortment"

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  1. Ginesys HO --> Inventory --> Product Definition --> Setup --> Print Barcode Label

  2. Ginesys HO --> POS Management --> Promotion --> Manage --> Assortment


  • Brand deals in cosmetic business (Eg. Lipstick, Nail Paint etc.)

  • Brand has implemented Batch to manage different MRPs of a product.

  • Brand creates multiple batches of an item based on multiple MRPs. This means pricing management is done at batch level.
    (The count of batches can go up to 10 for an item).

  • Generally, they do not print their own barcode labels (item and batch) and captures item barcodes as received from vendors

  • How do they handle batch if they do not print batch numbers on items?
    They create batches based on MRP of the product. While receiving/issuing items, a list of all available batches along with pricing information(MRP) is populated in front of them(after item is scanned) and they select the desired batch no. based on the MRP printed on the product.

Problem Statement:

  • They also deal in some imported items, for which they need to print the barcodes by themselves OR

  • If item barcode is torned/damaged for any reason, new barcode needs to be printed

  • While printing barcodes, after the item is scanned, a popup gets opened asking for the batch no.

  • Since they have a practice of choosing the batch number from the list present on the screen by looking at their MRPs, they actually do not know the exact batch number and to solve this, they are demanding a LOV (List of values) of all available batches there

  • Same problem is faced while creating promotions assortment.


  • This idea seems valid to us as of now, but before jumping into any conclusion, we need to think as per technical side as well.

  • Marking this idea under "Likely to Implement" as of now.

-Raj Choudhary | BA

  • Product Team
  • Feb 21 2024
  • Likely to implement
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  • Ravi Mishra commented
    3 Jun 06:36am

    Please update us on this thread as soon as possible.

  • Ravi Mishra commented
    22 Feb 05:33am

    We appreciate the ginesys team's attention to this matter, even after seven months.

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