Customer Want New option in pricelist i.e Production Cost/Job receipt Cost in LOV

Problem Statement:-Customer Want "Production Cost / Job Receipt Cost" option in the Pricelist LOV.


  • Agwani Fashion, a manufacturing company, initially creates items in their system with a standard rate of 'zero' when the items are not physically available, and their cost is undetermined.

  • Once the item is created, they proceed to the production cycle to manufacture it.

  • after job receipt, when the final finished stock is received, the item becomes physically present in the inventory.

  • In pricelist, we have various rates such as RSP, WSP, MRP, Standard rate, and Effective rate.

  • They now asking for an additional option, such as 'production cost/Job receipt rate,' because their production cost = standard cost.

  • They face challenges updating item rates via Excel import because future changes in production costs could impact final goods rates due to fluctuations in raw material costs.

  • To tackle this issue, ask them to implement batch management for items with different rates in the system in future.

  • Although this solution seems logical from a manufacturer's perspective, the feature is currently unavailable in the system.

  • The client has been informed that the ticket will be closed, with the idea for future consideration.

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  • Product Team
  • Feb 20 2024
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  • Saurabh Gupta commented
    23 Feb 12:02pm

    Thank you for validate our requirement and raising an idea through Ticket: [#315825] of Not getting Production Cost as Cost Rate to transfer the goods.

    Thank you

    Saurabh Gupta @ +91-8777467172

    Agwani Fashions Private Limited

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