Procurement| Unable to change Factor and Sign for charges

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Issue- User is unable to add/edit factor/sign in charges at the time of document creation/modification.

Reason - The client has disabled the option "Allow change of purchase term as flown from master" under Procurement in the user profile because he does not want the user to change the term once selected.

Anlaysis- In user profile > Procurement, we have recently in last one year introduced one new check: Allow Purchase/procurement Term change as flows from the master [Check/Uncheck]

Purpose of introducing this check was to enable user with the provision to allow modifying Factor and Ledgers for GST charges, because GST charge is a system charge and option of allow modification in transaction is hardcoded disallowed unlike Non GST charges.

But during release, we have some how restricted the modification of Non-GST charges also based on Term check in profile. This is causing issue at client's end, because round off and rate diff charges need to manually modified during transaction.

Proposed Solution- Do not check Purchase term from profile for Non-GST charges. (Follow behaviour as in S&D)
Detailed CR is attached in internal comment section for reference.

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  • Jan 29 2024
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