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Module: Procurement > Purchase Service Invoice


When attempting to release the purchase service invoice, a constraint message is generated, indicating a violation of the check constraint (VFPL.C_PURSRVMAIN_ADJAMT_NETAMT) at line 750 of the trigger 'VFPL.T_FINTAG'.


  • On Creating Service Invoice for the Vendor, “Net Amt” column in db.PURSRVMAIN gets updated by Net Amount of the Invoice i.e. Rs. 0.28.

  • Upon releasing the same, the Vendor leg has to adjust to the extent of liability of TDS (for the invoice) already created at the time of payment, so the “Adj Amt” column has to get updated by TDS adjustable amount i.e. Rs.1. Since the Adj Amt cannot be greater than the Net Amt, the user gets the constraint error.

How the Amount of TDS Liability is Rs. 1 for a Service Invoice of Rs 0.28?
For the Service Invoice of Rs. 0.28, TDS liability u/s 194C is 2% of Rs. 0.28 i.e. 0.0056, Round-Up to nearest Rupee hence Rs.1. (This is the case when Net Amount of Invoice is less than the TDS Amount)

BA's Conclusion: A detailed CR document is attached in the internal comment section for detailed understanding.

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  • Jan 29 2024
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