Post Unsettled POS data to EMG

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Background and Problem Statement:

  • Data needs to be sent to EMG for filing GST returns.

  • As per current structure, only settled POS data is sent to EMG for further processing.

  • As per current SOP of brand, settlement of POS data could take up to multiple weeks, even months.

  • Brand demands for a option which allows them to send POS data to EMG for filing GST returns even without POS settlement.

  • It is observed that brand has raised this issue multiple times, and this was being managed by manipulating procedure DB_PRO_UPLOAD_EMG_DATA by removing the settlement check after every version update till now.

  • The way we're currently handling this isn't good, and we need to find a better solution for this problem.

  • Brainstorming is required before jumping into any conclusion.

-Raj Choudhary | BA

  • Product Team
  • Jan 29 2024
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