Stock Ageing Date or Last Inward Date field in assortment

Dear Team,

Many customers running promotion and incentives based on item ageing. now in the assortment section we have a option for item creation date but the clients who are receiving the items through purchase order facing issue as the items are created in the purchase order form and the actual receiving happen after couple of months.

Issue: If the items created during the purchase order then the item creation date will be updated as order date.


1) Date Range selection Required based on Last inward date in the Assortment form.

2) There should be an option to select by month instead of date range like Less 6 month, Less than 2 month. which would be very helpful to configure the incentive and promotion.

currently client is uploading the barcode in the assortment after generating the reports which is time consuming.

  • Kannan B
  • Jan 10 2024
  • Likely to implement
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