Auto generation digits (AUTO-) are exceeding 16 digit scheme number

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Ginesys HO --> Production --> Operations --> WIP Material Transactions

Problem Statement:

This is to inform you that as per Government Rules we have to create Waybill for every Job Order which have value of or above 50K (Government has been extended for current financial year).

To create Waybill the data is reflecting automatically through WIP Transection (Not Job Order) from Ginesys ERP to Ease My GST.

According to the working / scenario WIP Transection is an auto generated transection while saving Job Order. Once WIP Transection is being generate then automatically 5 digit are being add (AUTO-) in the scheme number for which we are unable to create Waybills through Ease My GST because it is exceeding 16 digits as per norms.


Remove or minimize the auto generation digits within the norms of 16 digit schema number.

Thank you

Saurabh Gupta @ +91-8777467172

Agwani Fashions Private Limited

  • Saurabh Gupta
  • Jan 5 2024
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