In Reports Module, Module-wise Folders should be Copiable to Create Custom Folders

Hi Dear Team Member,

This is just a lean idea aiming at saving a lot of time and hardship for Ginesys Implementers, perhaps may not be feasible though.

Problem Statement:

In Reports Module we copy each and every required report from default module-wise folders and paste them in new custom folders by removing # sign at the beginning and end of the default report name besides selecting the folder, each time, in which we are saving the report. This is obviously a non-value adding activity.

Suggested Solution:

If copying the default folders and changing them to custom folders at folder level itself is possible, then it will save a lot of time and hardship of the implementors who carry out this activity. Again we have other relevant considerations like charging of manhours and so forth. Inside the copied folders we can give check boxes for selecting the required reports which should be duplicated in the custom folders.


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Mohammed Aktar,

Senior ERP Implementation Consultant,

Mobile No. 81797 71200.

  • Mohammed Aktar
  • Dec 21 2023
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  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    22 Dec, 2023 07:31am

    We have explained the process of Folder Copy to the Idea Creator. This option is already exists.

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