The process of the promotion - Choice of Benefit Item

Reference Ticket:


  • NPOS --> POS --> F4 Bill --> Promotion (to select the promotion after scanning and all) --> F8 Payment (for payment where getting a window again to select or scan benefit item) --> Payment Page Finally.

  • Ginesys HO --> POS Management --> Promotion --> Manage --> Definition

Problem Statement:

Presently there is a beautiful feature in Ginesys to provide an option of 'Choice of Benefit Item' but the process is making mistakes by the users / us.

The whole process of making bills are making mistakes and making our work hassle.


The promotion should be defined in a single promotion at DEFINITION with multiple benefit type option only. There are multiple places where we are getting challenges in current scenario.

  • Back Office :- As per Ginesys we have to create multiple promotions.

  • POS :- While making the bills, biller have to choose promotion while making bills.

  • POS :- After choosing the promotion have to scan or select benefit product which is time spending for a single purpose.

Thank you

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  • Saurabh Gupta
  • Dec 16 2023
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