Include online sales from POS stores in daily sales sms notification

Reference Ticket:


  • Presently, Ginesys provides an SMS notification service that informs Brand about various parameters, including total POS sales, loyalty points redemption, POS bill modifications etc.

  • However, it's important to note that when Brands receive an SMS notification for total POS sales, it does not include online sales that occurred through POS stores.

  • This omission is due to the fact that only the total amount of POS bills generated is captured and relayed to clients, excluding POS online sales.

  • The reason behind this discrepancy lies in the direct management of online sales through OMS integration, where no POS bill is generated for such transactions.

Problem Statement:

The SMS notifications sent to clients from the stores, containing the total sales figure, should incorporate online sales. This adjustment is crucial for providing clients with an accurate representation of the true total sales from POS stores.

-Raj Choudhary | BA

  • Product Team
  • Dec 7 2023
  • Likely to implement
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