Restriction on "Sales Return" based on days passed since the original "Sales Invoice"

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Ginesys HO --> Sales & Distribution --> Operations --> Invoicing --> Sales Return

Problem Statement:

  • Presently, when generating a sales return document in reference to a sales invoice, there is a lack of validation regarding the elapsed time since the original sales invoice was created.

  • This absence of validation hinders users who wish to impose restrictions on sales returns based on the number of days since the issuance of the original sales invoice.

  • Furthermore, managing such restrictions manually becomes impractical, especially when considering varying limits for different customers


  • Client wishes to implement a solution which alerts or restricts the user making a sales return document against a sales invoice

  • This restriction/alert shall be based on the no. of days passed since the original sales invoice was created.

  • This shall be configured customer/site wise.

-Raj Choudhary | BA

  • Raj Choudhary
  • Dec 1 2023
  • Likely to implement
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