Procurement | Multiple Validity Date required in Purchase Order with Original Due date

Procurement --> Purchase Order --> Field "Valid Till"

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Problem Statement:
To extend the validity period of existing PO's whose GRC for partial qty has been done.

Use Case:

  • Once a Goods Receipt Confirmation (GRC) has been generated for a partial quantity in a Purchase Order (PO) and the PO reaches its expiration date, it becomes impossible to initiate further GRCs for expired POs. This restriction is based on setting in user profile "Purchase Order/Item exceeds validity period" is set to 'Stop'. Consequently, GRC processing against expired PO's is prohibited.

Current Functionality:
Once GRC is done for the PO, PO can be unauthorised and changed only when PO is in "Receipt Pending" state, i.e. full qty is pending to be received. So it is unable to unauthorise a PO against whom GRC is created until the GRC is deleted.

Client's Requirement:

  • Need Multiple Validity date with history of original validity on Purchase Order & Purchase Order Related Reports,When the First Validity period expires then the authorized user can extend the Next validity Date as many times he wants, without removing all the past Validity Period history on Partial or non-receipt Purchase Orders

  • In this case User should be restricted to change any financial Figure like the P.O Rate, Qty & GST Charge.

  • Product Team
  • Nov 16 2023
  • Likely to implement
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