Customer Want Warning Pop UP in case of excess qty receive in GRC (POS) while doing item reconciliation

Problem Statement:-

Customer asking for Warning POP up in case of excess receive qty in POS GRC while doing item reconciliation.


  • In Current Structure if any user received excess qty in POS (after scanning any item multiple time) while doing reconciliation of item in GRC they are not getting any warning message from system.

  • If HO set Excess tolerance as 0% then system not allow any user to save the GRC where received qty exceed the sent qty.

  • User needs to again scan all the item from their end if they scanned excess qty and that is a huge pain area for them to rework again.

  • Hence if any user in POS scanned more then send qty then system should provide a warning pop up by which user can understand that they are scanned more then send qty of total items.

  • So its sounds logical and this will help overall customer also and will increase the productivity as well.


  • Product Team
  • Nov 10 2023
  • Likely to implement
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