Outgoing LR|Tracking Assembly(Semi-Finished) Item cost in WIP material Issue

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To populate Cost of "Assembly Item(Semi-Finished Goods) as a component" in the declaration amount of the Outgoing LR on tagging transfer document Production: WIP Material issue. This is required bcoz the amount in E-WAY Bill via integration could be same as Print of WIP material Issue.

Current Functionality: In outgoing LR, upon tagging transfer document the amount of the document is populated in the declaration amount. When Production: WIP Material issue is the document tagged, declaration amount populated is the sum total of Rate *qty of all the component plus assembly items from the PRDWIPDET table. Since the Assembly item as a component has rate= blank,the total cost of component items is available in declaration amount of Outgoing LR. (Additional Note: In WIP Material Issue we cannot see rate of the items in the UI)

Problem Statement:

1) The WIP material Issue report amount and the declaration amount in outgoing LR is getting mismatched.
Reason Being: Amount in the WIP material Issue Report print is linked from the db.PRDWIPTRANS where Rate of Assembly Item as component is also populated. (This rate is the sum of cost of component items of previous process). The client when prints the WIP Material Issue report finds the rate as sum total of component and assembly item as component.But, while creating Outgoing LR for the document finds the rate/amount of assembly item as a component missing. Due to the mismatch they have problem in generating E-WAY bill via integration bcoz amount isn't same.

2) For cases where only assembly item as a component is sent to the jobber, the rate of the item is populated as 0, since the rate of assembly item as a component is not getting updated in LR.

Image of the report of the WIP Material Issue Note:

Image of the amount being populated in the LR:( being sum total of component items 316.10+267.05+675.80)

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  • Oct 31 2023
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Released Version [For Internal use] 12.21.0-2.21.0
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    Release Note: 12.21.0-2.21.0

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