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Required check site master as per EaseMyGST Merged

Dear Sir,

Please implement check in Ginesys site master as per EaseMyGST requirement so issue not come in auto IRN.

For Eg. following mandatory fields must be present in the HO POS Setup:

1. Address Field

2. City

3. State

4. Pin Code

5. Special Character check

6. Phone No.


Ashwani Kumar

  • Ashwani Kumar
  • Oct 21 2023
  • Released
  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    29 Dec, 2023 04:53am

    The above mentioned issue gets resolved once repush of documents is allowed for generating IRN which is released in version 12.18.0-2.18.0.
    -Product Team(SA)

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    27 Oct, 2023 02:54pm

    As conversed with Mr. Ashwani, we shall discuss the idea in detail on 30-10-2023
    -Product Team (SA)

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