Cancel Option required in multiple forms

Cancel Option required in multiple forms

  • Lakshmi Narayanan
  • Sep 18 2023
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    Product Team commented
    22 Sep 07:06am

    Hello, we tried calling you on 9087002390 but were unable to connect. Please elaborate the business use case that you are trying to solve with this requirement.

    Also, you have raised 6 different ideas with similar requirement for multiple forms. You could have raised a single idea for these requirements. These ideas are:

    • Idea GIN-I-4653 Cancel Option for LR IN and OUT entry

    • Idea GIN-I-4654 GRN entry Cancel

    • Idea GIN-I-4655 Purchase invoice Cancel option

    • Idea GIN-I-4657 Purchase Return entry cancel

    • Idea GIN-I-4658 Stock point Transfer entry cancel

    • Idea GIN-I-4659 Conversion Production Entry Cancel (This idea)


Note : Do not post a lengthy title for an Idea. Post your Idea clearly supported by Screenshots, Examples and Case Studies (if possible).