S&D | Dual Margin Required to set "Rate" at Sales Order

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The client requires to set the Dual Margin for their customers without setting/changing WSP.

Tannz fashion(Seller) and VMart (Procurer/Purchaser) have negotiated and finalized a deal to sell the product of MRP-Rs. 999/- at Rs. 481/- plus GST(Net Selling Price-NSP). So NSP is derived from the below mentioned calculation.

The Discounted MRP can be taken as WSP and then in the Price List, rule can be set as Markdown at 35% with Include Tax as "On basis of selected price after markdown". The PL can be tagged to the customer site. However, the constraint here is Customer need to set WSP each time discount-1 percentage is changed which is not a good practice. Thus, the client needs to derive the final NSP from MRP itself and want a dual discount facility.

Current functionality: Price list could be set as markdown on MRP/WSP/RSP but only once.

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  • Aug 24 2023
  • Unlikely to Implement
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