Markdown Option While doing Stock Point Transfer

Inventory--> Stock Point Transfer

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To transfer the goods from One stock point to other Stock point at Markdown on RSP/MRP/WSP

Scenario: The client operates by allowing sales on an approval basis, where each customer site is treated as a distinct stock point. When goods are sent to a customer site, a stock point transfer is initiated. After the customer confirms the goods, a Delivery Challan (DC) and Sales Invoice are generated.

Current Functionality: The goods are transferred at a rate set at the stock point level known as the Transfer Rate and Factor. This Transfer Rate is always set as a markup.

However, the client wishes to transfer goods at a reduced price based on markdown from the MRP/RSP/WSP. Unfortunately, there is no automated option for this, leading to manual workarounds that result in increased efforts.

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  • Aug 18 2023
  • Likely to implement
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