Item description in E Invoice instead of product description

Whenever I have generated the Einvoice using ease my GST the Einvoice have product description where it captured HSN DESCRIPTION in field of Product description instead of items description Pls help
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  • Aug 14 2023
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    Product Team commented
    30 Aug, 2023 09:36am

    Following our recent phone discussion, I want to assure you that your issue is brought to our attention. As committed, we will certainly consider working on similar requirements in the future, should they arise from our clients. Rest assured, Ginesys remains dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers. Your feedback is utmost valuable in helping us continuously enhance our services. Thank you for your understanding and trust in our commitment to excellence.


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    28 Aug, 2023 12:03pm

    Dear Sir,

    Government set the Maximum Number of line Items in a Single E-Invoice which is about 1000. that is I want because as per my requirement in E-Invoice there no bill we have generated which have more than 1000 item in a single invoice if in any case its happened then i will create the more than 1 invoice but It should be with the Item description not with HSN description.

    So I would request you please do the need full and do the correction ortherwise I need to esclate it to your CEO because its being One month to ask you for help and you all not help us only given an unjustified answer.

    I need urgent help on this. if we have not get any solution with 7 days from now then I will make sure that your CEO will look in to this.

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    Product Team commented
    18 Aug, 2023 02:07pm

    There are a few key points to consider regarding E-Invoice:

    1. As per government, the maximum number of line items in a single E-Invoice is limited to 1000.

    2. While tagging the ICode (item code) in every line is not mandatory in E-Invoice, it's possible to create the E-Invoice based on HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) codes.

    3. In Ginesys, we organize data from multiple line items based on factors like HSN/SAC Code, UNIT, Rate, and Tax Rate (SGST, CGST, IGST, CESS) before sending it for further processing. This approach helps manage the 1000-line item limitation in E-Invoice, as one HSN code can encompass several items.

    4. Since multiple I Codes can be associated with a single HSN code, making it impossible to map multiple item-level descriptions in a single field, we send the HSN description to align with the Product Description.

    5. Given the existing structure, mapping individual item descriptions in the item master to product descriptions in the E-Invoice is not feasible.


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