Sales Return | Restrict LR's lesser than GRT Date in LOV of Logistic Number

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S&D> Sales Return > LOV of Logistic No.

Requirement: Restrict visibility of LR's in LOV of Logistic Number, which has in it LR document date which is lesser than GRT date tagged in sales return.

Case: Goods are returned from POS on 05-july and received in HO on 10-july. The HO prepares Incoming LR and then sales return. In the incoming LR dated 10-july, LR document number & LR date(courier date of GRT is maintained by client) is entered as 04-july. While preparing sales return on 10-july against GRT dated 05-july, incoming LR is being tagged in sales return. The incoming LR has LR document date as 04-july, however GRT date is 05-july. So to avoid tagging of incorrect LR's with LR Document date lesser than GRT date, user wants to restrict all such Lr in LOV.

Current functionality: Currently, we have not restricted LR's which has document date lesser than GRT date.

  • Product Team
  • Aug 2 2023
  • Likely to implement
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