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Finance Document adjustment via Excel Import (Other than AR/AP voucher) Merged

Dear Team,

We have a option to adjust the document for AR vouchers through excel import the same option required for AR/AP vouchers also

This option is specifically required for those clients who wants to manage order wise reconciliation especially using browntape deep integration.

Example : If A bill is raised for 2000 Rs Against Myntra PPMP. Myntra share the forward and backward settlement details at end of the month with the bifurcations such as (1900 sent to Paid, 100 as professional charge+ Transport+ other charges).

In this case we have an option enter the receivable amount (1900) in AR voucher and use the Finance document adjustment for AR voucher to bulk adjust . Now balance 100 Rs is still in the Myntra PPMP (Debtor) account.

At the month end Service invoice will be created against liability account Myntra Designs pvt ltd( Liablity) for 100 Rs.

Now 100 Rs needs to adjusted against Myntra PPMP (Cr) and Myntra Designs (Dr) so that the balance becomes zero. For that we have create a AR/AP journal to knock off the details but we do not have an option to bulk set-off of invoices.

  • Kannan B
  • Aug 2 2023
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