Image convention on basis of multiple category/description of item

Reference Ticket: 275841

Module: Inventory --> Product Definition --> Item Hierarchy --> Group --> Edit Properties --> Image Convention

Problem Statement:

Image convention should support multiple categories/description of items


Image Convention: Simplifying Image Assignment in Item Master

  • The "Image Convention" feature serves as a fundamental aspect for automating the assignment of item images in the Item Master. Currently, there are 14 basis options available, such as Barcode, Article, Category 1-6, and Description 1-6(Only one could be selected at once).

  • Users are required to upload images with names corresponding to the selected "Image Convention" basis to a designated folder on the cloud server. This allows the system to intelligently link the images to their respective items, both existing and new.

  • For instance, if a user wishes to assign images based on a specific category, say (Category 1: "Collar Shirts") to all items under "Article A," the following steps are taken:

    • Step 1: Select "Image Convention" for "Article A" as "Category 1."

    • Step 2: Upload the image with the name "Collar Shirts" to the designated folder on the cloud server.

    • Step 3: The system will automatically match the image file name with the "Category 1" name, seamlessly populating the image for those items.

  • By utilizing the "Image Convention" feature, users can efficiently manage and associate item images within the Item Master.

Use Case of client:

  • In item master, Client uses "Category 1" to define Style(say Half Shirt) & "Category 2" for Color(say red/blue/black)

  • All other categories and descriptions are also defined by client for easy identification of products

  • Client wishes to define and populate 3 images to different items based on possible combinations of "Category 1" and "Category 2", which could be:

    • Half Shirt - Red

    • Half Shirt - Blue

    • Half Shirt - Black

  • In Item Master, client has defined a UDF field in which they are putting the data above and want this UDF field to be present in "Image Convention" LOV


  • Presently, only one category or description could be selected for image convention

  • UDF fields are not present for selection in LOV of "Image Convention" basis

  • Normally, when this scenario happens, implementers use any unused category/description for "Image Convention" purpose in which they put data by concatenating multiple categories/description names

  • Above workaround is not possible for the client as all the Category and Description fields are already used by client

  • The requirement of client seems valid and as inquired with implementers, this is a common requirement from many clients, but they manage it via workaround as mentioned in third bullet point.


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  • Aug 1 2023
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