POS | Delivery Slip: Void and Recreate option required in User Role

Requirement: The client requires "Void and recreate" option in delivery Slip based on rights given on User Role.

Current Functionality: We have 2 options in delivery slip, either to fully "void" the slip or "void and recreate" the slip. Both the options are available to user if "Void" app operation for Delivery Slip is allowed in User Role.

Case: On clicking "Void and Recreate" option in Delivery slip, items are visible in edit mode.The quantity of items are required to be edited to create a new bill. The user mistakenly adds or deletes item in Icode other than the one which is to be delivered. So the manager wants to restrict void and recreate option, which isn't possible as both option are active on single app operation.

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  • Product Team
  • Jul 11 2023
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