Manual input required for rate column in Cost sheet

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  • Cost sheet is used to calculate the projected RSP of a product

  • Projected RSP is the forecast of the retail selling price after taking into consideration all cost associated in its manufacturing and other indirect cost related to its administration and selling. It also takes profit/margin into consideration

  • Through this form, user selects the desired route and add components in desired processes of the route to calculate the total estimated cost and projected RSP

Problem Statement:

When adding components to the cost sheet, the system currently populates the rate automatically based on the following hierarchy: Effective rate > Standard rate > 0. This rate column is currently view-only and cannot be manually edited by the user.

However, the client has expressed a requirement to make the rate column editable.

There can be multiple use cases where they need the flexibility to manually input rates. By allowing manual rate input, the client can address specific scenarios that deviate from the automatic rate calculation.

  • Product Team
  • Jun 30 2023
  • Likely to implement
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