Mandatory fields in Customer / Supplier Master

Requirement is to make the following fields mandatory in Customer and Supplier Masters which is standard across all the Customer / Industry:

1- LST / TIN No
2- CST No
3- Pan No
4- Mobile / Contact No
5- Contact Person
6- Email Id

Either these should be made mandatory by default or it can be part of configuration setting.

  • Radha Krishnan L
  • Jan 2 2016
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 11.109.0-1.109.0
  • Jun 14, 2016

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, your suggested feature has been released. Certain Supplier/Customer master fields have been made mandatory due to statutory reasons. Also, Rupees have now been made default currency. 

    Keep sharing your ideas.

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