Resolving Channel through ECom-Channel Code, in Adhoc Retail Sale Invoice API

Many third-party vendors use the 'Adhoc Retail Sale' public API for loose integration without going through the connected app. These vendors, such as Vinculum, FYND, and Unicommerce, used to use a hardcoded channel code before the OMS release (12.8.0).

With the new release, the channel code is replaced by FINSL.SLCODE, which is specific to the OU/Channel/Client architecture of the Connected App. However, the integration plugins provided by these vendors cannot cater to this client-specific Channel Code.

To solve this problem, a hierarchy-based resolution logic is being implemented. Callers can now pass either the marketplace channel code or the channel code, and the system will derive the desired channel master based on the hierarchy.

  • Product Team
  • May 4 2023
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 12.15.2
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