Auto Bank A/C Posting required for Plutus transactions

The installation of Plutus machines at our showrooms gives us the facility of routing the various debit / credit cards through the most economical EDC vendor (service provider). But presently in Ginesys we are not having the option of posting to the respective ledger account based upon the swipe made in the EDC machines. For eg - in payment mode, we will choose Plutus mode and while the card is swiped , after the payment is made, depending upon the EDC machine, the collection amount should be entered in the respective bank credit card control account. Lest we have to pass transfer entries on daily basis / showroom wise to various credit bank accounts.

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  • Dec 24 2015
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    Product Team commented
    14 Jan, 2016 03:39pm

    Dear Sir,

    We will be storing Acquiring Bank Name, Card type and Transaction Id received from plutus against idea #OFFPOS-I-39. The same information will be available in analytic report "POS Bill Collection" once we release the aforesaid idea.

    Given this workaround, at this time, we are unlikely to implement functionality around this specific feature due to the current priorities and goals. However, we will keep this idea open to gather additional feedback to track the level of interest within the community.


    Product Team, GINESYS

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