GRT rate change on change of Document date

Effected Module: Procurement > Operations > Goods In/out > Returns

Problem Area: GRT Rate and value changed if we changed the document date.

However, where user do not have price chart application and hence price should not be re-calculated as per effective date.

Use Case:

Step 1: Created a GRT at HO for POS SITE (taking owner site as MS type site). Kept GRT in un-authorized state. POS has been settled.

Step 2: Next day , rate has been changed for the item in item master.

Step 3 : Now user wishes to authorize the GRT document. However, it is restricted as POS is already settled for the date.

Step 4: User changes the GRT date and authorizes the document. Here rate of the GRT changes as per effective date.

Reference Ticket :

  • Product Team
  • Jan 17 2023
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