Rate column under 'show item window' - Item creation via PO/GRC

Module Concerned - Purchase Order/GRC (Grid level Item creation option)

Requirement: After creation of item, under 'show item window' a new 'rate' column is required.

Problem area:
When customer receives the challan/Bill from the vendor, ICODE/BARCODE for the item is not specified in the doc. Therefore client follows the practice of using 'create item option' for selection of item, where he enters all other variables in the item master and on SAVE master returns the existing ICODE if applicable (Item group level setting - Do not create new icode for change in STD rate).
In D2K version, on Populate, system populates the ICODE in the transaction item grid with Std rate as given during create item. In such manner he can populate same item with multi rate.

However, now in web, the above mentioned scenario does not work. Therefore client has to manually change one item at a time after populating the item in the item detail grid. (Not acceptable by the client.)

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  • Jan 4 2023
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