Field to populate Item Re-Order Levels in Item Master

Dear Team,

We need fields to populate the below values at the Item Level - NOT at the Item Code (Barcode level).

  1. Minimum Order Level

  2. Reorder Level

  3. maximum Order level

We need these fields at the Item Level, NOT at the Item Code Level because, the item code changes when the MRP changes or standard rate changes etc., The brands (manufacturers) of cosmetics, Toys etc., frequently change the MRP etc., so that we need to create new Item code for the same item. But we need fields for the above parameters to be entered manually, so that we can run reports and see which items need to be re-ordered. We need not have advanced replenishment solution, just these fields so that we can enter & track the inventory levels.

Please see the attached screen shot for details

  • Ravi ,
  • Dec 10 2022
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  • Ravi , commented
    17 Mar, 2023 07:47am

    UDFs are available, but they cannot be used because in FMCG products for any product, we are purchasing from multiple suppliers & the MRP of that product keeps on changing, in which case, we are required to create new ICODE for each rate revision. So, for the same product multiple ITEMS (ICODES) are created. Because of this the Minimum Order Level, Reorder Level, maximum Order level cannot be defined for a single product in the UDFs. We thought batch would solve this. But unfortunately, Batch is not extended to Browntape though Browntape is part of Ginesys ONE. We are a non-WMS user. So if we implement batch then our online transactions will be impacted. Expecting a quicker solution to this issue.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    17 Mar, 2023 07:39am

    We are expecting a revert on this for better understanding.

    -Product Team

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    8 Mar, 2023 07:27am

    UDFs are available in the Item Master. You can utilize the UDFs and create up to 20 extra fields to match your business need.

    And if UDFs are not going to suffice your requirements, please elaborate on that too.

    - Product Team

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