In POS Option to Apply Item wise discount in a single click

In POS, we require an option to Apply Item wise discount in a single click. The bill wise discount feature cannot substitute this, because we are requesting this, when there are 15 to 20 items in a bill and say about 15 items require 5% discount to be applied & 5 items require 10% discount. These are the items for which Promo cannot be applied because of various reasons. In such case, if we can apply items wise discount for all items in a single click & then change the discount % of few items, that require change, will make the billing process faster. With the current setup, it is very difficult to apply item wise discounts as it requries lot of mouse clicks/shorcuts and requires much time and is very difficult during rush hours. This is a basic feature and will save lot of time.

  • Ravi ,
  • Oct 31 2022
  • Likely to implement
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